My new weekly schedule

I’ve run out of topics lately, and it annoys the shit out of me because I am completely overthinking it. The way I always worked until now is that I just started up WordPress every day, took the first thing that came to mind, and wrote about that. It was a simple process. Lately, IContinue reading “My new weekly schedule”

Escape the heat

My office was probably 35 degrees centigrade today. Damn, it was warm! Out of nowhere, we suddenly moved away from winter, skipped spring, and went straight into high summer. Our department corridors are basically the top floor of a glass roofed and poorly ventilated building. This means I work in a sauna – I likeContinue reading “Escape the heat”

The joys of summer

The weather has been amazing this week. Summer has arrived in Bavaria – finally, after nine months of dull grey fog. Because of this exceptional weather, a couple of colleagues suggested to go for dinner together in a local Biergarten. The last time I did something with a larger group of colleagues was in theContinue reading “The joys of summer”

What to do about the weirdos?

Yeah, yeah. I can hear you think: finally this weirdo is going to do something about it. Nope. Not today. Besides, I’m by far not weird enough. There are people much much worse. I’m talking more about those readers that come to read my posts, apparently enjoy them, then share them on some social mediaContinue reading “What to do about the weirdos?”

No more excuses

Writing a book is something that has always ranked pretty high on my lifetime achievement list. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I was so proud when I published my PhD dissertation. (Or maybe it was because it’s a great achievement on many other levels.) No matter how awesome it felt, (perhaps obviously)Continue reading “No more excuses”

What’s the right time?

Blogging is a weird game. As a blogger, you share your ideas, experiences and stories with the world. You never know who’s going to read it. For me that’s part of the fun and beauty in blogging. Perhaps you inspire a colleague to start writing, or a friend to look at things from a differentContinue reading “What’s the right time?”

“Shit!” – for lack of better terms

We ordered takeout food from a local Indian restaurant yesterday. This place is one of the few local restaurants that actually have anything vegetarian on the menu (we’re not vegetarians, but most weeks we try to come close). We could have prepared our own food, but we were lazy, had something to celebrate, and loveContinue reading ““Shit!” – for lack of better terms”