Someone’s being dishonest…

As I blog, I always like to see how my posts are doing. To me, reaching people is part of why I write. One of the reasons I started this blog, is because I used to be very worried about what people would think when I voiced my opinion. I figured that a daily blog,Continue reading “Someone’s being dishonest…”

Better things to do

I got rid of social media from my phone. Facebook I already deleted a year or two ago, and I hardly ever look at it these days. What a waste of time that was. It opened up huge pockets of time! I’ve never looked at Instagram much. I just post pictures of things that IContinue reading “Better things to do”

To my clickbait friends :)

A couple of days ago I was working on my daily routine of mindless scrolling through Twitter, when my attention was grabbed by one particular Tweet that asked an interesting question. It was something like ‘I posted a link to a recent blog post of mine that I found important to share with the world.Continue reading “To my clickbait friends :)”

It’s all about priorities

A friend asked on Twitter today what the Twitter-folks would do if they would have some extra hours in a day (I’m loosely paraphrasing, because I am too lazy to look up the exact wording). It’s an interesting question to me, and probably to many others, but maybe especially to the people that replied toContinue reading “It’s all about priorities”