The happiest day of his life

This morning, we took a short hike in Taufkirchen, and it turned out that for the next week or so, there would be the Volksfest – some kind of carnival – at the local Volksfestplatz. In the years we have lived here in Bavaria, the Volksfests were mostly cancelled because of COVID. This year, nothingContinue reading “The happiest day of his life”

A close by gem

We escaped the house again this weekend. Somewhat unplanned, after buying some clothing and shopping for groceries, we decided to stay somewhere else. Anywhere, as long as we had a green place to wake up in tomorrow morning. We found a nice free camper lot with four spaces in Taufkirchen. The town itself seems alright,Continue reading “A close by gem”

Tourists in our ‘home’ country

Last night’s fly-infested camping farm left us no choice but to leave in the early morning, and by about 7.30 am we had packed up and we’re ready to leave. We brought with us a swarm of flies well over a hundred strong. These little fuckers were terrible to eradicate. I think we finally gotContinue reading “Tourists in our ‘home’ country”


Our destination today was supposed to be a place called Dreisessel, some neat rocky formations close to where the borders of Austria, Germany and the Czech republic meet. We have never done much exploring here before, but it’s a fantastic landscape dotted with forested hills. Dreisessel was supposedly easy to reach, with a huge parkingContinue reading “White”

Passau – the ghost town on the Danube

It feels like ages ago that we last went away with the camper. In reality, it has only been a couple of weeks since our van broke down in Berchtesgaden, and we were towed all the way to Freising. For some time we had no mode of transportation, while the Nugget was undergoing substantial repairs.Continue reading “Passau – the ghost town on the Danube”

A scene from a sci-fi movie

It was true. We ended up surprise camping in a beautiful place. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the place unbeknownst to us, but that others ensured us would be great, was indeed a quite idyllic and beautiful town. But something felt off. Wherever we went there were crowds of unmasked tourists. It was a scene thatContinue reading “A scene from a sci-fi movie”

Lower your expectations

We almost didn’t go… Heike has a tendency to look at weather forecasts (and traffic conditions) too much. Because – as per usual – the German weather forecast predicted 200% chance of rain all day every day, she was in serious doubt whether we should even drive out this weekend. I care less about weatherContinue reading “Lower your expectations”

Sleepery slopes

As I wrote yesterday, we were on the fence about whether we should stay out with our new campervan or we should drive home and stay there in the Ammergauer Alpen. Upon seeing many camper travelers park their homes in random places, we thought that we could give it a try. In fact, we foundContinue reading “Sleepery slopes”

Snake wrangling with my son

As frequent readers of my blog may have noticed, I spend my free time outside a lot. As I have written about many times before, I’ve been an ‘unprofessional herpetologist’ from when I was seven years old. I have kept reptiles ever since, and for a part of this time I bred snakes in numbersContinue reading “Snake wrangling with my son”

A change of pace

As an ecologist that mostly focuses on plant-mediated interactions (above- and belowground!), I have worked with quite a few model systems, that I have gotten to know quite well. I have reasonable botany skills, too. Or well, good memory, rather. Of course, my knowledge is entirely limited to the severely depleted biodiversity found in theContinue reading “A change of pace”