This is a bit of a ‘trial and error’ segment of my web page and my change in appearance over time. Let’s see what works.

Herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians, has always had a special place in my heart. Although I am an ecologist myself, and could now quite easily decide to study these wonderful animals from that perspective, I have never professionally specialized in herpetiles. I have in the past considered taking a Master’s degree in Herpetology in Brussels, but then after some contemplation, I decided that it was probably best not to enroll. Having a passion is a beautiful thing. As one’s view on things can change dramatically when you start to depend on them for your daily bread – and often not for the better – I figured that it was probably wise to study something else, and enjoy reptiles and amphibians in the off-hours. I settled on entomology, because insects are pretty cool too.

In this section, I want to share my (corn)snake breeding projects, and hope to share some of the animals I have encountered during my travels.