Great to welcome you to my web page. I appreciate you taking the time to visit! This website displays some of my work, academic and otherwise.

This place is also home to my daily blog. No fixed subjects here. I initially decided I would write posts of exactly 200 words, in order to keep me from rambling on, and to give me a challenge. However, after a month or so, I got increasingly annoyed with the concept of 200 words. The posts felt shallow. This made me decide to curb the word limitations. Now I just ramble, but I try to keep it short nevertheless.

Feel free to share your opinions or insights in the comments!

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Cheers, Robin

Blog posts:

Not the best ‘first’ attempt

For the regular reader here it will be no surprise to read today that I have had my fair share of mental health struggles over the past fifteen or so…

We made it to one

Yesterday’s goal was to make it to the Munich botanical gardens. We utterly failed, due to sickness in the family. Today, we had a bit of a second chance, as…

Better luck tomorrow

The pentacost weekend is always a nice one, as it’s longer than the others. That extra added Monday off is great. (Perhaps I should consider working four days only…) This…