Weak and old, and weak!

These past few weeks I have felt old and weak more times than I have ever felt before in my life. This might make sense for the ‘old’ part – today’s the oldest I’ve ever been. It is only normal that I feel older than ever. I am older than ever. But to be honestContinue reading “Weak and old, and weak!”

The landlord dude and the ladies

This story is one of many episodes about one of my many former landlords. He was a peculiar guy, to say the least. You can read my introduction of the landlord dude here. Landlord dude was single. Or maybe he wasn’t. It wasn’t always clear. We always thought he was predominantly single. Yet, he somehowContinue reading “The landlord dude and the ladies”

Change of plans?

This Monday was actually a pretty good Monday. I’m still tired as fuck from having been sick, but overall, no complaints about the start of this week. This made me a bit hesitant to write something today. Since I started the thematic posts recently, of which I dubbed the Monday posts as ‘Monday Meltdown’ posts,Continue reading “Change of plans?”

Fly away

Despite still feeling quite weak today we decided to leave the house for the weekend. We spent all week mostly inside the house in various shades of gastroenteritis, and both kids and parents were getting restless being cooped up like that. Our home on wheels is a nice place to escape this feeling. Here weContinue reading “Fly away”

The landlord dude (intro)

It was February 2015. I had just returned from Kuala Lumpur from a miserably failed internship, and my mental health had reached an all-time low. I had no house to live in, no job, no internship, and my limited income (technically a student loan) would very soon dry up. I had to finish my studiesContinue reading “The landlord dude (intro)”

Thanks you!

Just after crossing the Cambodian-Thai border and immediately treating ourselves to a delicious Pad Thai lunch, we hopped onboard of a train westward. We had a couple of hours ahead of us, and in stark contrast to trains southbound from Bangkok, this train was almost brand new. It reminded me of certain western European lineContinue reading “Thanks you!”