Disrupted schedules – the new norm?

Finally, it’s Friday – and even better, it’s over. I needed this weekend so bad! I thought I had seen the worst of the ‘after parental-leave storm’ last week. Specifically, a minor revision had to be dealt with and resubmitted (still stuck in ‘submitted to journal’ stage), as well as the usual parade of emailsContinue reading “Disrupted schedules – the new norm?”

The all-white situation…

I am a big fan of diversity in all forms. Maybe that’s also why I like variegated plants so much. What better than a little deviation from the monotonous green? (To be fair, green is one of the better colours in monotony, but even green works better if the tones are diverse.) A little whileContinue reading “The all-white situation…”

Cornsnake Update (pt. 1)

I wrote some time ago about a couple of new additions to the household. I have kept snakes for the majority of the past 25 years, although over the past three years or so, I have owned none. My PhD kept me busy enough, and I could not really divide my attention enough to careContinue reading “Cornsnake Update (pt. 1)”

At least give me a garden, please

A buddy of mine talked to me recently about the crazy housing prices in the Netherlands. They’re in the process of buying, and well, on the one hand they benefit from a steep profit on the sale of their current home, but on the other they also suffer from having to spend probably twice theirContinue reading “At least give me a garden, please”

It didn’t taste like cake…

My colleagues have been pretty busy in my absence, when I was gone on parental leave. This morning, I introduced our daughter Lara to the group of colleagues at TUM, and brought something sweet to celebrate during the coffee break. My colleagues brought their latest creative outburst – a diaper cake. Not really a cake,Continue reading “It didn’t taste like cake…”

A recipe that works

I have heard so many times that people use particular excuses for why they don’t write, or struggle at writing. “I cannot write”, or “I suck at writing”. Or the best one, “yeah, I suffer from writer’s block”. Hell no! No you don’t. You can write, and the only reason you suck at writing isContinue reading “A recipe that works”

Some of the worst…

I was just browsing through Twitter this evening. What else to do on a night when the entire family decides to fall asleep. It didn’t take long before I stumbled on this fantastic tweet: The tweet just made me laugh out loud. What. Wait. How? For those of you not familiar with Stephen Heard, he’sContinue reading “Some of the worst…”