What’s the right time?

Blogging is a weird game. As a blogger, you share your ideas, experiences and stories with the world. You never know who’s going to read it. For me that’s part of the fun and beauty in blogging. Perhaps you inspire a colleague to start writing, or a friend to look at things from a differentContinue reading “What’s the right time?”

Bottomless pit

Two sick kids beaming out vomit in every direction. That’s more or less what our last 24 hours looked like. Or well, more for Heike than for me – this time. After the week of projectile vomiting around Christmas, I’ve had my vomit baptism multiple times over. This time, work saved me. Yesterday I cameContinue reading “Bottomless pit”

Five academic behaviors I try to unlearn

This week I have been quite busy in the academic writing landscape, having worked on a series of collaborations in various stages of writing. One was an old collaboration that is now pretty much ready to submit (final polishing editing). Another one was a last-author manuscript that was led by a PhD student that IContinue reading “Five academic behaviors I try to unlearn”

Not sure what it means, but I’ll celebrate anyway!

Do you realize that there are quite a bunch of you? It’s when you reach certain milestones that you really start to think about their meaning. Today I reached a new milestone – 200 WordPress followers. For some reason, the 127th or 43rd follower never made a huge impression, they were just a random number.Continue reading “Not sure what it means, but I’ll celebrate anyway!”

Imposter parenting

This post was half triggered by a couple of posts I read yesterday about imposter syndrome. It’s also triggered by the events of this particular day… I’ve been a father to a beautiful son for almost three years, and he was joined by an awesome little sister almost a year ago. These two little tadpolesContinue reading “Imposter parenting”


The most important thing about work is – of course – the fact that you can take holiday. There, I said it. You can’t enjoy the highs without the lows. You get the analogy. It’s not that I don’t like my job. I love what I do. It’s just that I also really love holiday.Continue reading “Great!”

Pics or it didn’t happen

They say that a good picture can draw you in and tell you a story. A picture says more than a thousand words. It’s true, I guess. I have learned this recently, and I have learned it the hard way. Last month when I traveled around Croatia, I shared my trip here on the blog.Continue reading “Pics or it didn’t happen”

The wait

Waiting, waiting, waiting. As I’m sitting here waiting, without much else to do, I might as well churn out a post, and finish my blog for the day early. I’m probably in the least inspiring area I could imagine: a roadside parking lot close to some horrible business hotels close to the Munich Messe Eventcenter.Continue reading “The wait”

Castle on the hill

The thing we saw today… was it even a castle? Probably not – more like a miniature citadel – but it was built on top of a hill, so it’s not a complete lie. Today we were making our way up towards Slovenia and Italy, but on our way I saw a sign pointing upContinue reading “Castle on the hill”