The masked warrior

People have been looking at me differently for quite a while. At first I thought it was maybe something that I imagined, something I thought was happening, but wasn’t really happening. A picture that only existed in my head. I can’t say that people stare. It’s not that. There is just a feeling of pityContinue reading “The masked warrior”

Running out

Day 8/9 of covid. Slowly there’s light at the end of the tunnel. My throat ache is softening, and although I still cough, it seems to hurt less. I am tired at levels I don’t recognize, but I understand this may last for a while. Although Rafa and Lara no longer have clear symptoms, theyContinue reading “Running out”

How does this contribute to public health?

Day 6 of being on my covid ride today. Still firmly symptomatic, and still waiting for the mild part to arrive. Head and throat aches are made bearable by ibuprofen, and the coughing luckily is effective and short, albeit it’s painful every time. After reading all the ‘mild narrative’, and the emphasis on return toContinue reading “How does this contribute to public health?”

Such a positive family…

Yesterday evening, after writing my blog post, I was met by a rather unfortunate event. I found my wife in the living room, a bit confused. She told me her test was positive. I hardly even registered that she had done a test. This happens sometimes when many things happen at the same time. YouContinue reading “Such a positive family…”

Loser by choice

Society seems to have taken the collective decision to go all ‘aaah, fuck it’. Governments worldwide are dropping even the simplest covid protective measures, like social distancing, reduced participants to (indoor) events. There’s no more testing anywhere, and even the masking in indoor public areas is pretty much down the drain. I don’t understand thisContinue reading “Loser by choice”

Estimated contribution: zero

I don’t understand university politics and decision making. Maybe politics in general. But most certainly university politics. What’s the deal with their decision making? Our university, like much of the rest of the country, had a so called covid 3G regulation in place, where the G’s are for (German translations of) tested, vaccinated, or recovered.Continue reading “Estimated contribution: zero”