One is already horrible, but two is really too much

Life as a parent is pretty rough. And since our family expansion, it has not become any easier. The toughest part for me is when kids are in pain or otherwise upset, and you really cannot do anything about it. Our son is generally a careful kid, doesn’t fall all too often, and he seemsContinue reading “One is already horrible, but two is really too much”

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

He thought he was pretty cool, that guy, Ctesibus, when he invented the alarm clock back in the day in ancient Greece. Google tells me he designed an elaborate system that dropped pebbles into some kind of gong. A waste of pebbles. Probably not the best for the sound quality of the gong, either. AnContinue reading “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

You’ve got stuff to say… Why don’t you just say it!

Many of the people in my circle are either scientists, or people that otherwise use writing as part of their jobs. What surprises me is how few of these people actually write outside of their profession. Or at least share it. Why not? Don’t we all have stories to tell? Half of the above peopleContinue reading “You’ve got stuff to say… Why don’t you just say it!”

Blogging will not be the same

Today was supposed to be a good day. The results of a study that my former colleagues and I have worked on for one and a half year (the study itself), plus about one more year (for writing the manuscript) have been published in Nature Communications. It was a great pleasure co-leading this piece withContinue reading “Blogging will not be the same”

It’s more of a buzz really

For those of you that have spent your days worried that we were devoured by a pack of hungry whispering wood orcs: do not despair. We’re safe. For those of you that were hoping that we were: I have to disappoint. We’re still there. Yesterday’s parking spot turned out to be quiet and safe. ThisContinue reading “It’s more of a buzz really”