Boiling point

After a solid four hours of driving on a mostly empty highway, we spent last night with the camper parked in a forest parking lot close to Wiesbaden. The drive was a breeze. The kids were completely out for most of the ride. The night was quiet and my sleep was dreamless and mostly uninterrupted. This morning, we resumed our trip, with two coffee breaks, to end up at my mother’s place around noon.

My mother was happy enough to see her grandchildren again. That was the good part, and unfortunately it was of short duration.

It seems that the pandemic has severed the last few strings holding together what already never was a really great connection between me and my siblings. Let’s say that there are differences of opinion between us on how we should deal with the pandemic, and – unfortunately – whether or not it even exists. I have a pretty strict rule that I will only privately meet people indoors and without masks if I know they regularly test, or test upon arrival. I don’t care if you’re family, friend or the goddamn king. Apparently sticking a swab up your throat is too much to ask for some.

I knew it was going to pan out this way! They also knew it was going to pan out this way. This is the obvious reason why I didn’t contact them about meeting up in the first place. I gave up on that for as long as this pandemic is still around. I’m tired of the discussions. They’re tired of discussions, too, so why they still contacted me with the questions they already knew the answer to is beyond me. Why one of them only communicates with me via third parties is even more puzzling. The stuff they bring up is maddening. Kindergarten level what-aboutisms and science denial dominate. This level of conversation makes my blood boil. I was literally shaking with anger, when my mother suggested we could meet up somewhere outdoors in the forest instead. Thanks but no thanks.

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