Loser by choice

Society seems to have taken the collective decision to go all ‘aaah, fuck it’. Governments worldwide are dropping even the simplest covid protective measures, like social distancing, reduced participants to (indoor) events. There’s no more testing anywhere, and even the masking in indoor public areas is pretty much down the drain. I don’t understand thisContinue reading “Loser by choice”

The good news that everyone has been waiting for…

My home country of the Netherlands just announced this evening that it will lift pretty much all restrictions in place to keep people safe during a pandemic. They decided to do this during times where per capita case numbers are not just high, but soaring high above pretty much all other countries in the world.Continue reading “The good news that everyone has been waiting for…”

The hill

“Would you like to meet up this evening?” he asked me. “I want to show you the holiday pictures and my new car.” “Sure,” I answered, “if you do an antigen self test beforehand. I’d love to meet. It’s been a while.” “But I just returned from holiday on Friday,” he said, “and I alreadyContinue reading “The hill”

Boiling point

After a solid four hours of driving on a mostly empty highway, we spent last night with the camper parked in a forest parking lot close to Wiesbaden. The drive was a breeze. The kids were completely out for most of the ride. The night was quiet and my sleep was dreamless and mostly uninterrupted.Continue reading “Boiling point”


In the movie Snatch there’s this great scene (one of many, actually) in which a rough guy named ‘Boris the bullet-dodger’ is mentioned to the American diamond dealer ‘Cousin’ Avi by another rough type aptly named ‘Bullet-tooth Tony’. Avi immediately interrupts: ‘why do they call him the bullet-dodger?’ The answer is of course quite obvious:Continue reading “Bullet-dodging”

Was social always this exhausting?

This pandemic is detrimental to my social skills, or at least to the way they affect me and my mental state. I was never the most extraverted person. Not a fantastic person on parties. But I could hold a conversation without problems, and they would often give me energy. I also greatly enjoyed coffee breaksContinue reading “Was social always this exhausting?”

On Monday, we’ll feed the beast…

Two weeks of holiday break are slowly coming to an end. It’s safe to say that with two kids under two that were sick for a total of nine days, there was little resting possible. Luckily, we managed to sneak in a quick getaway into nature. Nature always heals the mind and soul. It’s reallyContinue reading “On Monday, we’ll feed the beast…”

Estimated contribution: zero

I don’t understand university politics and decision making. Maybe politics in general. But most certainly university politics. What’s the deal with their decision making? Our university, like much of the rest of the country, had a so called covid 3G regulation in place, where the G’s are for (German translations of) tested, vaccinated, or recovered.Continue reading “Estimated contribution: zero”

A small step in the right direction

The headache is pretty intense. Not necessarily extremely painful, but it is certainly different from your average headache. A strange kind of tension seems to hug the region surrounding the atlas, the element that connects the skull to the spine. A dull sensation – not sure if it is really pain – is flaring outContinue reading “A small step in the right direction”