It needs a picture

As the shortness of yesterday’s post didn’t seem to affect the number of views or the level of appreciation, I figured I could get away with another short one today. It’s my holiday after all. The golden rule seems to be: as long as there’s a pretty picture, anything goes in blog posts. Textual contentContinue reading “It needs a picture”

Pics or it didn’t happen

They say that a good picture can draw you in and tell you a story. A picture says more than a thousand words. It’s true, I guess. I have learned this recently, and I have learned it the hard way. Last month when I traveled around Croatia, I shared my trip here on the blog.Continue reading “Pics or it didn’t happen”

Very cool birds

After two nights on the Istrian coast, I felt a strong urge to leave the place behind us, and continue our journey south. I found out yesterday – somewhat by surprise – that we were about fifteen minutes away from the car ferry terminal to the island of Cres. I know little of Cres, butContinue reading “Very cool birds”

Stay awake

What a night. I’m staying in a hotel this week, to attend a consortium meeting. I figured it would be great to sleep in a hotel. Alone. It would probably be the best way to catch up on some much needed sleep. I already felt yesterday evening that it wasn’t going to happen. My bodyContinue reading “Stay awake”

Hard work

It was a long day today. We made great progress on the harvest of our light pollution experiment. All aboveground biomass is now harvested, and scans of leaves were made for specific leaf area measurements. We got about two-thirds through the root washing for the belowground harvest. It was a tough day, but all inContinue reading “Hard work”

A sea of purple

I took a couple of hours this afternoon to enjoy the nice weather, and drove to the botanical garden in Munich. I had been here once before a year ago or so, when all greenhouses were sadly closed due to COVID-19. Even without greenhouses, the garden was nice last year. Yet, I was a bitContinue reading “A sea of purple”

A dumb fuck*

Although I live in Germany, my German is alright, but far from fantastic. It was my third additional language, my mother tongue being Dutch, my primary language education being in English (ten years) and French (seven years). German, I followed for only two years. I sucked at it too. My understanding improved greatly by hearingContinue reading “A dumb fuck*”

Spring has not arrived here yet

The sun had me fooled today. It looked like it was going to be a semi-cloudy day, meaning that there would at least be some sun around. That was true for sure, so we tried to go out as quickly as possible this morning, to grab a coffee in the sun somewhere in the cityContinue reading “Spring has not arrived here yet”