Too much!

How do you use social media? The only right answer here is ‘too much’. But since one sentence makes for a lousy post, I’ll elaborate on how I use social media. Facebook – I can’t remember the last time I looked on Facebook. I still have an account, because I used it to log inContinue reading “Too much!”


Who was your most influential teacher? Why? Today’s prompt I liked today’s prompt. In life we often have many teachers and mentors, and we tend to forget what they might have contributed to the path we have chosen. Sometimes these are real teachers, educated to educate. Quite often, they are parents, trying to teach youContinue reading “Teachers”

More laughs

What do you wish you could do more every day? Make people laugh. Including myself. There’s nothing wrong with joining in on a laugh. A laugh is the cure to almost everything. I took the wrong profession, because I can tell you this: working in ecology in 2023 is not very funny. It is deeplyContinue reading “More laughs”

A different realm

About once a month I visit my therapist, whom I’ve been with since I moved to Germany. I’ve learned a lot about myself in these years. You’d think that after a couple of years, you stop learning new things, particularly about yourself. You’ve seen it all. Nothing new to be found. But it continues toContinue reading “A different realm”

Hair dryer

Today was one of those odd days you get here in southern Bavaria, where the wind comes from the South – föhn they call it here, which in my book translates to hair dryer, which makes total sense. If that happens and the skies are clear, the sun gets quite warm, and it can suddenlyContinue reading “Hair dryer”

Whatever you like

Several people have told me to write whatever I like. I like that. Freedom is good right? Right, but it’s also wrong. Of course I write whatever I like. I always write whatever I like. That’s kind of the point of writing. Well, to me it is. I think the challenge I seek is toContinue reading “Whatever you like”

They’re still here!

It’s been quiet on the plant front lately. When I moved into my new place in December, obviously I moved my plants with me. This was quite a tricky thing with temperatures far below zero at the time. My aroids don’t like frost much. Or any temperature lower than 15 centigrade. For two months, theContinue reading “They’re still here!”

Overly honest

My daughter is nineteen months old and she’s overly honest – I wonder who she got that from. I always liked to sing, already from a very young age. I’ve never been particularly good at it, and I never practiced it much – like guided professionally or so – aside from alone in the bedroomContinue reading “Overly honest”

Sleep! Now!

This is a very difficult moment for me… Let me explain. This evening, I felt like ordering Indian food. I love Indian food of any kind. I checked the local restaurants, andwmy stomach started enjoying the experience. I got hungry as hell. Delivery times were estimated to be after kids’ bedtime. It didn’t take longContinue reading “Sleep! Now!”

The evolution of writing habits

Since a couple of weeks, I have switched my method of writing posts a bit. A couple of months ago, I usually wrote my posts while bringing the kids to bed. Or more specifically, while lying next to them and waiting for them to fall asleep, which could take up to an hour on mostContinue reading “The evolution of writing habits”