Lower your expectations

We almost didn’t go…

Heike has a tendency to look at weather forecasts (and traffic conditions) too much. Because – as per usual – the German weather forecast predicted 200% chance of rain all day every day, she was in serious doubt whether we should even drive out this weekend. I care less about weather or traffic. I just want to go out and forget. It took me quite some time to convince her otherwise, and I’m quite sure that some of this time was while we were already on the road… (Yes, we took the Nugg out for another ride)

There was a bit of rain yesterday, but it started only more or less at the time we got into the van and parked it for the night. This morning certainly was pretty dreadful, with rain pouring down until 11. Nothing I would want to spend time in. However, Rafa – who’s usually an early riser – for once decided to sleep in until 8.30. So, although we caught a few drops of rain on our morning hike, pretty soon the first rays of sunlight made it through the clouds, and not long after, the cloudy roof broke open completely, leaving only a few leftover clouds against a deep blue sky. (Those leftover clouds make the holiday pictures better) After a very sunny and enjoyable afternoon near the Königssee, we are now on a parking lot with the most spectacular views, so we will stay here for the night.

This is the view from our van this evenening

Tomorrow, the weather was supposed to be better. Well, I don’t know what that’s supposed to say, but if it’s half as good as today’s weather, I’m pretty happy.

It’s a typical example of what happens if you let others determine your expectations. Just don’t. You can almost always dress for bad weather (and horrible traffic conditions are not that bad when you’re in good company). I often try not to have too many expectations. This doesn’t mean that you cannot get into bad circumstances, but whatever happens, as long as you don’t compare it to the perfect (made-up) or horrible (made-up) pictures in your mind, you will almost never be disappointed.

Instead just go with the flow, and you might end up somewhere nice, discover new things, or hike for hours through pouring rain. Just go. The good almost always outweighs the bad.

*** I’m not completely sure what happened with this post, or when it was posted. I realized after writing it on the evening of 23 May that any sources of internet were far out of reach. I panicked, as I do, because this would break up my uninterrupted chain of ramblings, and I would lose sleep over this. For some reason, the post seems to have made it through the air into the online world before midnight of the 23rd (and this saved my chain!). However, the accompanying picture of my view from the Nugg was somehow thrown out. Today, a day later, I edited it back in, because it was probably the nicest part of the post. Sorry for all readers that have missed out on the view.***

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