One afternoon. I think. I hope.

She really came two days too early. I had planned to be finished with everything work-related by the end of last week. And I would have made it, were it not that Lara was too eager to meet her parents and her big brother. She came a couple of days earlier than the ‘due date’, which I used to plan my work schedule around. And so there are still some i’s to dot, and t’s to cross. Tomorrow morning, I will first do all the household stuff, and afterwards I will go for a swim with my son. (I have not been to a swimming pool with him since February 2020 😦 ) In the afternoon, after I bring my son to bed, and Lara and her mother are taking their afternoon nap, I will sneak out to office, and work a bit to finalize some long-due admin work (which includes me getting money back, so it is important). Furthermore, I will try to re-submit a revised paper that has received some minor feedback from co-authors, and should be easy to finish. Finally, I will be doing several second-round interviews for a PhD candidate that were seeking to employ in the months ahead. If there is some time left, I might write the final work package for my grant proposal, so I can submit the darn thing too in the next weeks. That’s about it. Other than this, I have managed to keep my shelves empty-ish. (I’m quite proud off my defensive behavior over the past months, my therapy pays off.)

Over the next couple of weeks, there will be a lot of family time, and finally, when my wife feels she has fully recovered, we might take our camper out for a long-due extended holiday ride.

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