I ordered a robin

Those who have known me longer than this post, will probably also know that I appreciate art, especially realism related to natural history. I try to spend some time creatively myself, whenever I have or am willing to make time, and I do so in the form of tattooing, drawing, or making ugly-ass shit birds with my son (we both don’t have patience to make them pretty).

Okay, sometimes my son and I make butterflies too, the birds are so bad, I rarely take pictures…

I also really like other people’s art. I follow a couple of people on social media that are creating something out of nothing every day, which I – as a big fan of the daily push – really appreciate. I should probably follow more artists on Twitter! (Suggestions welcome!) Since a couple of years I have also owned some real art, made by real people. I think it’s nice that in a busy fast-paced world, people still spend time on actually making art, and I want to support it if I can. For instance, I had my dissertation cover designed by a talented artist, Ali Elly, whom I’ve followed for close to a decade on Instagram. I loved her work, and she loved the challenge of painting a dandelion (she usually does art inspired by the sea). I have the original painting on my living room wall. I also bought a painting of a seahorse. Not because I have anything special with sea horses, but I certainly have nothing against them, and nobody paints them lovelier than her. Last year, I also bought some print work from Carim Nahaboo – an artist specialized in realism and insects. I don’t know of anyone who draws insects like this. Admittedly, these are still in the envelope they arrived in, because I forgot to frame them. (Note to self: frame them!)

The picture doesn’t do justice, but you get the idea…

Yesterday, I was scrolling through Twitter, and just randomly saw someone share three bird drawings posted on Etsy (by artist Katie Fuller). I’m not particularly interested in birds, and am horrible in recognizing them by their songs, but one of the birds I always find quite easy to remember. So for no other reason than that we share a name, and I liked the artwork, I ordered the piece (I was actually surprised it was still available). I admit it was rather impulsive, but who cares. Soon I’ll have another envelope, with a robin inside. When it arrives I’ll buy some frames. Art needs a showcase!

This robin is on its way here!

I’m not sure I have much of a point to make here, but I would like to end this post with the suggestion to also support artists that you like every now and then. Most artists don’t have it so easy, and in a sea of information and work, it is hard to stand out. Artwork is not always expensive. It is, however, always a nice (and usually unique) gift. If you’re thinking of a good gift, consider a unique art piece!

Support artists. Buy art!

(and don’t be silly, frame it)

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