Not my week

My mind has been nagging me all week, and I’m not sure why. I’ve had trouble focusing at work. I have stared at editorial work for half an afternoon, without much progress. I’ve had plans to review a paper, which I haven’t. I’ve been procrastinating, and that’s really something I rarely do.

Usually I would write about it, and get it out of the way, but I don’t know what it is…

Perhaps the constant pressure to perform at work, combined with the pressure to perform as a parent, combined with a pandemic is just wearing me out. I feel a bit edgy and angry all the time. I guess it’s my highly sensitive self acting up again. I feel totally overwhelmed. Above all, I’m bloody tired, and I just can’t seem to rest it off.

That’ll be it for today. I hope to write more in the coming days, when itfins back my energy.

Published by Robin Heinen

Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

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