It only rained in Berchtesgaden…

The weather forecast for Berchtesgaden promised us some rain for yesterday, but it was also pretty convinced that by mid-morning today, the temperatures should drop, and the rain should quickly turn into snow. As per usual in Germany, the weather forecast lied, and by 10am this morning, there was rain, rain, and more rain. It has poured all night, so it was right about that part – which for me is great, because I love sleeping in the camper with the sound of rain on the roof. The temperature at 10am was still around 6-8 degrees centigrade, so what’s up with the snow? I didn’t see it happening (by 4pm, still just rain, we just passed through again on our way to our current camping spot). We called our friends, who stay in an Airbnb close to Königssee. It turned out they were a bit higher in altitude, as where they are, the rain had turned to snow already. We decided to meet up on a parking lot not far from their apartment, and judging from Google maps, more or less at the same altitude.

The road up there was a fun transition. We had taken the same very narrow and curvy road before in summer, when there was more traffic. Quite a scary trip then. Today, the road was empty. With every couple of meters altitude we gained, the weather circumstances changed for the better. Soon we had entered what seemed to be the rain cloud, because after a short foggy vibe, it became drier, and not much after, we started seeing thin snow on some trees. The raindrops made way for snowflakes. My son was all excited. ‘Schneeberge!’ he exclaimed. Snow mountains! It would only get better from there. Once we arrived at the parking lot, the trees and fields were covered under a thick layer of snow. The road was surprisingly well-cleared, and a maniac on a snow truck later gave us a small glimpse at how good he was at his job. He was a bit scary, drove a little too fast, and only barely missed all the cars and people he passed on the parking lot. He also quite agressively and purposely killed the snowman our friends made for our son… But hey. The roads were in pristine conditions, so we won’t complain too much. Thanks snow truck man.

From the parking lot, we made a short but nice walk to the Jennerbahn middle station. I did not expect a station there, to be honest, but I was happy it was there, as there was also a small restaurant, where they luckily served coffee to-go. We enjoyed our freshly made cappuccinos along with the beautiful vistas over the valley. (With some imagination…)

I believe you can usually see the Königssee from here, which is one of the prettier lakes in the area.
It means we should come back here another time.

Nevertheless, it was great to take in some chilly mountain air, and move a bit, all while in good company. I love snowy scenery. Who cares about a view. Views are a bonus!

The Nugget on the parking lot, just before the maniac cleaned it again.
More snow
Good company 👍

For the night we are parked close to Hintersee. It was a struggle to find a place. A lot has changed since the early summer, and it seems that in most places, campers are no longer welcome. The ridiculous behavior of some, which we have seen a lot of this year, seems to piss off the locals. And rightfully so. Partying on parking lots while taking a dump in every fucking bush you encounter is not the respectful treatment this area deserves. For now, we have a place, where camping is (still) allowed. As always, we are respectful and quiet, completely silent after dark, and we will leave nothing but our tyre tracks. As it should be.

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