Finally, our holiday break started!

I thought the sitting at home situation would never end. Our amazing plan was to take the Nugget out for a spin, and explore the beautiful Bavarian Alps, which are right at our doorstep. At the 23rd if December, the first kid got sick, and the second followed soon after. We got to spend a lot of time together at home, and considering the situation, it was still okay. It could have been worse. (I’m a huge fan of my wife and kids, which helps a lot.) However, all these bacteria and viruses flying around did ruin our plans of spending lots of time in the fresh mountain air, seeing a lot of nature, and spending New Year’s eve in the middle of nowhere.

We happen to live above a person that is not so fond of us (she has been complaining about many pedantic things literally from day one), and she’s also certainly not so fond of our kids (although she swore that she had no issues with kids when we moved in). Our kids are not even extremely loud, but sure she probably hears them. And well, that doesn’t get any better if you have to sit inside for twelve days. This is another reason why we like to go outside. Here, our kids can run, scream, jump and play however much they like. At home, we have to restrict them a little bit. Well obviously, this is only concerning one of the two. The youngest cannot even crawl. I’m a bit worried about how this will develop once we have two running and jumping muppets flying around the apartment. Anyway. These past twelve days, we have felt very locked up inside, and we don’t like that.

This week, two Dutch friends are spending a week in the area. They spontaneously visited us last week already, which was a lot of fun. After this they continued their trip towards Berchtesgaden, the easternmost part of the German Alps, and – if you ask me – the prettiest part of the entire country. We have spent time here before, and when we heard Berchtesgaden, we were triggered. We didn’t want to be too pushy, but I think we invited ourselves to come and visit in Berchtesgaden as well. They at least said it was a nice idea, so I hope that’s true. In any case, we drove there now, and have found a nice RV lot to spend the night.

The kids are asleep. The camper is warm. I would almost consider it a holiday trip. Whatever happens next. I don’t care. Tomorrow I will go and see the most beautiful mountains in the country!

And we might stay a few nights more!

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Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

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