Mystery readers

Lately, my WordPress statistics have been all over the place. As I’ve said many times before, I don’t fully ‘get’ them. Well. I get them, but I don’t get what drives them. Some days I get 20 views, whereas on other days, I get more than 100. It’s independent of time of posting or dayContinue reading “Mystery readers”

They said take it slow

I think I deserve a short post today. I have just collected my second dose of BioNtech/Pfizer at the end of this afternoon. The doctor told me to take it slow, as the second shot often gives a bigger blow. No alcohol, no sports, sleep well, drink a lot of water. So far, so good.Continue reading “They said take it slow”

Life’s Edge – Exploring what it means to be alive (or close)

I greatly enjoy the writings of Carl Zimmer. When it comes to describing immensely complex aspects of biology, such as the complex molecular machinery that drives cells, tissues, and organisms, I don’t know many that can present them in such a digestible way. I have been waiting for Zimmer to write a new book everContinue reading “Life’s Edge – Exploring what it means to be alive (or close)”

Charging the batteries

“Are you a battery type of person, or a generator type of person?” he asked me, with that typical grin on his face. It’s the grin that always shows up when he asks me cryptic questions like this one. He likes to confuse me sometimes, I think. I told my therapist I often feel exhausted,Continue reading “Charging the batteries”