Der, die, das

No matter how hard I try, some things I will probably never fully master. Prime example? The German language. What an absolute horror this is to learn. I can’t say whether it’s worse than my own mother language – Dutch – but at least with that one I was born in the right place, andContinue reading “Der, die, das”

0.5% better

“Ist mir egal,” I answered to the question whether we should continue the meeting in German or English. It just slipped out, without a thought. What a bloody dumb thing to do, eh? To be fair, me and another fellow Dutchie started to continue the conversation in Dutch, but it didn’t work out. We’re onContinue reading “0.5% better”

I swear, it’s a curse

I want to start off with a disclaimer; my mother did not raise me this way. I was the oldest of three neat young boys raised by a single mother. We were always taught not to swear. I think my mother took pride in raising her kids ‘the right way’. And as far as IContinue reading “I swear, it’s a curse”