I’m not sure it’s edible…

My vegetable harvest this year sucked big time. The summer has been particularly mild and very wet. My garden is in a relatively shady side of the house, and although we picked the sunniest patch for our potted tomatoes, they all perished. Many of them developed disease. Brown rot, weird speckling, and overall, those tomatoesContinue reading “I’m not sure it’s edible…”

That’s hot!

I’ve been growing a couple of chili 🌶️ cultivars this summer, and many of them bear quite some fruits. I grow Habaneros, Jalapenos, some droplet-shaped orange sweet pepper and normal bell peppers. Of the Habanero cultivars, three came from a colleague at our department. She and her partner grow hot chilis every year, and apparentlyContinue reading “That’s hot!”