It’s time!

This afternoon I ate the best meal I had in a long, long time. Since we’ve had kids, Heike and I have slowly weaned ourselves off our culinary obsessions. We have always loved food. It is part of what binds us together. The love for preparing new meals, and exploring new tastes. Different cuisines. WeContinue reading “It’s time!”

Sleep! Now!

This is a very difficult moment for me… Let me explain. This evening, I felt like ordering Indian food. I love Indian food of any kind. I checked the local restaurants, andwmy stomach started enjoying the experience. I got hungry as hell. Delivery times were estimated to be after kids’ bedtime. It didn’t take longContinue reading “Sleep! Now!”

Empty your plate already!

If you find yourself throwing away perfectly good food, you’re an asshole. Let’s be clear about that. There, I said it. God this pisses me off so bad. I recently had a dinner with some people I thought I knew well. At the end of the otherwise excellent evening, they suggested we’d throw out aboutContinue reading “Empty your plate already!”

We may not have had a plan, but at least we had a great lunch

Today was a day with even less of a plan than usual, and very few ideas to guide us. After spending a night on a huge, boring and overpriced, but entirely empty campsite near Split, we just wanted to be somewhere nicer. However, as we’re reaching the southernmost tip of Croatia, we were running outContinue reading “We may not have had a plan, but at least we had a great lunch”

This will change your life

I will keep it simple today, but nevertheless, the message of this post will change your life. It did for me. At the very least, you will enjoy better meals, and that is a great place to start to make improvements! Preserved lemons! That’s it. Preserved lemons are the magical ingredient to make anything tasteContinue reading “This will change your life”

(Un)welcome guests

For people that love cooking as much as we do (and we sure do love cooking!), Germany, or perhaps just Freising, is not fantastic. Herbs here are a big and boring disappointment. I don’t have a clue why, but fresh herbs here (1) are either all parsley, chives or not available, or (2) when theyContinue reading “(Un)welcome guests”

Germany you should – a series (part 2)

If I had to name one thing that is worse in Germany than anywhere else, then Pommes would unequivocally take the first prize. Congrats Pommes, you really are Scheiße. Potato fries… I’ve always had bad experiences with German potato fries, regardless of where I ate them in Germany. My wife is German, from the EiffelContinue reading “Germany you should – a series (part 2)”

Veggie plots and zucchinis

Vegetable season has begun!! I have always been a gardening guy. When I was a young kid, I had my first veg garden. It was in our house’s tiny back yard, but hey, it still was a vegetable plot!! It may have been a north-facing plot sandwiched between a 3-metre hedge and a wall, butContinue reading “Veggie plots and zucchinis”