Aren’t you afraid?

Some people have asked me if I’m not afraid people will read my blog and feel offended in any way. The answer is no. I’m no longer afraid what people think about my blog. It’s my blog. Those who don’t like what they read will know how to find their way to the X-shaped buttonContinue reading “Aren’t you afraid?”

Spring has not arrived here yet

The sun had me fooled today. It looked like it was going to be a semi-cloudy day, meaning that there would at least be some sun around. That was true for sure, so we tried to go out as quickly as possible this morning, to grab a coffee in the sun somewhere in the cityContinue reading “Spring has not arrived here yet”

Some confetti

Reading the news over the past two days saddens me, and to be frank it sickens me to my stomach. What a twisted world we live in. Trust me, I know nothing about war, and very little about the politics and ideologies that drive any of it. You really wouldn’t want me to write toContinue reading “Some confetti”

The final phase

A short post today. I spent my afternoon getting the final phase of my light pollution experiment going. In this final phase, we will investigate whether light pollution disrupts feeding by an insect herbivore on six plant species. In the picture below you can see the sleeve cages I use to keep the herbivores onContinue reading “The final phase”

Pure rage

I don’t easily get angry. I consider myself reasonably laid-back, and although I don’t hide my emotional state very well, I don’t think many people have seen me angry. Today? I’m not just angry. I’m furious. 100% pure rage. Let me share a story. About two years ago we moved out of an apartment thatContinue reading “Pure rage”

The strange beast

I’ve been trying to understand if there’s anything that predicts the success of a blog post, or the daily traffic that finds its way to this blog. You know, I’m a scientist. If I see long-term collected data, collected in a standardized approach, and I see variation, I try to understand that, and identify factorsContinue reading “The strange beast”

The to-do list

Three days! That’s the amount of time I spent ‘out of office’ last week. Still working, albeit from a mobile office on location. I reviewed some papers, worked on conceptual figures for a paper I’m a part of, and even looked at some data. It was, however, also working remotely, with limited (mobile) internet access.Continue reading “The to-do list”

Dark, red and white.

I just drove the entire stretch from the Netherlands to Freising. About 700 kilometers. Eight hours, including three stops, and that with two young kids. A long stretch of darkness with red and white lights gliding in each direction. These are decent statistics. I’m glad to be home and will write something more interesting anotherContinue reading “Dark, red and white.”

Mixed emotions

This already will be our last night in the Netherlands, before we return to our home in Bavaria after a week spent with family and friends. I’m excited to go back, but sad to leave at the same time. Excited, as my team has taken great care of our running light pollution experiment, and I’mContinue reading “Mixed emotions”

Everything is better when shared

This sounds a bit silly, perhaps, but I was really looking forward to spending some time alone. Since the pandemic – which also more or less coincided with becoming parents (twice) – I have not spent any evening alone. Every day is quite similar. I get home, one of us cooks dinner while the otherContinue reading “Everything is better when shared”