Fifteen degrees better

After packing up the van this morning, and telling our friends goodbye, it was time for us to continue our journey. Where we would go didn’t even matter much, as long as it was less warm, and we would be less sweaty. It was great spending time with our friends, but this weather was exhausting!Continue reading “Fifteen degrees better”

Wasps and sweaty (and warm too)

Last night was the warmest night of our holiday thus far. Our dark blue campervan reached temperatures over 40 degrees, and I am pretty sure that it never gets below 30 in the roof – ever. The first below 35 time point is probably around 2-3am. It’s bloody hard to get to sleep, and toContinue reading “Wasps and sweaty (and warm too)”

Warm, sweaty, and pretty nasty (but with a happy ending)

Warm and sweaty days are the worst when combined with diarrhea. I was lucky and didn’t get any of that. My son on the other hand, scored an ‘entirely liquid’ on the Bristol stool chart. That’s a pretty nasty level of diarrhea. My son, of course, is three. Guess who wiped butt juice from aContinue reading “Warm, sweaty, and pretty nasty (but with a happy ending)”

Warm, sweaty, and delicious

As you all know by now, we’re in Italy. Besides the fact that it’s very warm and also very sweaty, there’s also some more to it. They’re of course very well-known for the food they make in this country, and Italy being Italy, it’s gonna be pizza or pasta. Pizza we had yesterday, and IContinue reading “Warm, sweaty, and delicious”

Warm and sweaty (and slightly crispy)

What can I say. The title says it all. Italy hit 36 degrees today. That counts as warm in my book. It’s hot as balls here. And that, yes, makes me very sweaty. Despite hiding under thick Mediterranean pine canopy all day, and wearing my t shirt most of the day, I feel somewhat burntContinue reading “Warm and sweaty (and slightly crispy)”

Relax (and warm and sweaty)

I have the feeling that the title of all my posts the next few weeks could be ‘warm and sweaty’, but I already wrote one post before with that title a while ago. I don’t have the faintest memory of what that post was about. You can read it here and let me know inContinue reading “Relax (and warm and sweaty)”

A pleasant surprise

It’s always interesting to just drive to an unknown location when it’s after dark. Often you really have no clue where you end up. Many of the more remote locations are poorly lit, seeing where you park is limited to exactly the place where you park. Surroundings are for imagination. Yesterday was a bit likeContinue reading “A pleasant surprise”

On the road again

Today marked the last day of the work week, the last day of the teaching period, and well, the first day of my three weeks of holidays. I needed them now more than ever. Covid got me good, and three weeks of mild chilling will be the best I could do with my time. WeContinue reading “On the road again”

The landlord dude and his chicks

Time for yet another episode in the ‘Landlord dude’ series. The landlord dude had a big heart when it came to animals. He loved animals more than he loved humans. Although he sometimes also forgot all about them. One day, he decided with our Argentinian house mate, that he needed a chicken coop. For weeksContinue reading “The landlord dude and his chicks”

Beating odds

I beat the odds of still being positive after 10/11 days of covid, but somehow my entire family seems to be very good at that. We beat those odds four times… But that’s not really what this post is about. Too tired to write about covid shit. Where I did beat odds that do matter,Continue reading “Beating odds”