Friday findings – volume 7?

This week was horrible, so I excused myself and write this blog on a Saturday. I’m on day 7 of the covid ride and after feeling very sick but physically capable the first five or sick days, today the fatigue and brain fog kicked in. I feel like I’m moving through molasses and that wheneverContinue reading “Friday findings – volume 7?”

How does this contribute to public health?

Day 6 of being on my covid ride today. Still firmly symptomatic, and still waiting for the mild part to arrive. Head and throat aches are made bearable by ibuprofen, and the coughing luckily is effective and short, albeit it’s painful every time. After reading all the ‘mild narrative’, and the emphasis on return toContinue reading “How does this contribute to public health?”

This one doesn’t learn

My tiny Monstera deliciosa ‘variegata’ is doing well lately. She’s tiny compared to some of my other plants, but she’s growing better than some others in terms of new leaves. This week she showed and unfolded her third leaf for the year. At this rate she might even pop another one or two out beforeContinue reading “This one doesn’t learn”

Such a positive family…

Yesterday evening, after writing my blog post, I was met by a rather unfortunate event. I found my wife in the living room, a bit confused. She told me her test was positive. I hardly even registered that she had done a test. This happens sometimes when many things happen at the same time. YouContinue reading “Such a positive family…”

The cure to heatstroke?

What a day today. In the morning I started off developing a mild heat stroke, as we were labeling and sorting plants in the absolute blistering heat. What can I say. It’s not great labeling in blistering heat, but it was important! The alternative was labeling inside the greenhouse. In that sense we used theContinue reading “The cure to heatstroke?”

The landlord dude and the towel

Time for another story on landlord dude, the landlord we have all got to know and learned to appreciate. Okay, this story is not about what you’re guessing this is about. I don’t remember ever seeing the landlord dude in a towel. This story actually happened in a time where I was alone. Heike wasContinue reading “The landlord dude and the towel”

Why I write – revisited

Lately, many people have been asking me why I write my blog, and more specifically where I find the time to do it. The latter one is easy. I don’t find the time – it’s already there. I prioritize writing my blog for about 30 minutes a day. Mostly, I do this when my oneContinue reading “Why I write – revisited”

The happiest day of his life

This morning, we took a short hike in Taufkirchen, and it turned out that for the next week or so, there would be the Volksfest – some kind of carnival – at the local Volksfestplatz. In the years we have lived here in Bavaria, the Volksfests were mostly cancelled because of COVID. This year, nothingContinue reading “The happiest day of his life”

A close by gem

We escaped the house again this weekend. Somewhat unplanned, after buying some clothing and shopping for groceries, we decided to stay somewhere else. Anywhere, as long as we had a green place to wake up in tomorrow morning. We found a nice free camper lot with four spaces in Taufkirchen. The town itself seems alright,Continue reading “A close by gem”