I missed my shot

I never put my phone on airplane mode, but yesterday, I read this as a tip on avoiding distractions and becoming more efficient. The idea is simple (and sounded right) – put your phone in airplane mode from dinner to the middle of the next morning or so. This gives you a good time toContinue reading “I missed my shot”

Connection issues

I’m not gonna lie. The first time around, I found it pretty strange to ‘connect’ to my unborn child, during the entire pregnancy, which was roughly two years ago. The first few months, there is nothing. My wife didn’t look very pregnant. She said she felt different, but I didn’t notice much of it. SheContinue reading “Connection issues”

It’s out of our hands now…

You know what scares the shit out of me? New things… or stuff that I don’t feel like I’m particularly skilled at. They freak me out big time. Our university now enforces online exams for groups that exceed forty students and this was all communicated at short notice. This included all courses I teach. OurContinue reading “It’s out of our hands now…”