She recognized me!

When I still lived in Wageningen in the Netherlands, me and several colleagues were regulars in the local campus coffee place. We were always having friendly conversation with the owner, until at one point we pretty much all left within a rather short time frame. Obviously, I had not been there since I moved away,Continue reading “She recognized me!”

He’s pretty strict with the rules

I was just closing down my home office space for the day, when my two year-old son stormed in, carrying an FFP2 mask. He was pretty clear about his goals for the next ten minutes. He was going to play ‘shop’ with me. In ‘shop’ the rules are simple. He’s the shop owner, and I’mContinue reading “He’s pretty strict with the rules”

Available for coffee

I just got the news that one of my favorite small conferences, which was planned to be held in my home country, will be postponed until fall. It’s a darn shame, but an understandable and wise decision. I was looking forward to bringing my team here in Germany over to what still feels like homeContinue reading “Available for coffee”

Get that milk right

It’s quite bizarre. Even though I live only a few hundred kilometers away from Italy, and Bavaria is seemingly filled with Italians and their restaurants, but it’s often a quest to find a proper cappuccino anywhere in Bavaria. If you’re lucky, you find a place where they have a proper espresso machine, but it’s apparentlyContinue reading “Get that milk right”

I may have to quit…

When I was 18 years old, I worked at an accountancy firm. God, I hated that job. It is where I developed repetitive strain injury, which over time became chronic, and still is my loyal companion today, 16 years later. It is also where I got into the habit of ridiculous coffee consumption. One ofContinue reading “I may have to quit…”

Italian espresso and posters

Next Thursday I’m leaving for a conference in Naples, Italy. Well, actually I’m visiting Rome first. Rome. A first. I feel like an idiot for never having been to Rome before. Before October last year I had never even been to Italy, even. Now, this summer, Italy will be the host country for the EuropeanContinue reading “Italian espresso and posters”