Bad day

I don’t know what is/was wrong with me today, but nothing feels right. I woke up feeling absolutely drained. My energy levels were low, and I was cranky, and that feeling only got worse as the day continued. I couldn’t help it, but I felt annoyed by everyone and everything today. I was snarky towardsContinue reading “Bad day”

Aren’t you afraid?

Some people have asked me if I’m not afraid people will read my blog and feel offended in any way. The answer is no. I’m no longer afraid what people think about my blog. It’s my blog. Those who don’t like what they read will know how to find their way to the X-shaped buttonContinue reading “Aren’t you afraid?”

A long way to go…

I don’t understand how some people live. Take, for instance, my boss. I don’t understand how he sleeps at night. And I mean this in the most literal and positive possible way. It’s not that he does anything particularly horrible that should haunt him at night, and keep him awake. It’s more that he’s alwaysContinue reading “A long way to go…”

They scare me. Every. Single. Time!

This morning it was my turn to present my research to our research group. What can I say? After about 15 years of presenting things on quite a regular basis, these departmental presentations still cause huge anxiety in me. Every. Single. Time! I don’t know what it is. It’s specifically these group meetings that scareContinue reading “They scare me. Every. Single. Time!”