Time for a transition

Over the past couple of months I’ve been running an ecological experiment investigating the effects of artificial light at night on plant growth and phenology. Some effects were clearly visible in flowering phenology of two of the three species. Especially yarrow plants flowered much earlier, and in larger numbers, under artificial light than with darkContinue reading “Time for a transition”


I recently saw this thing make the rounds on Twitter about ‘Smonday’, loosely paraphrasing, it meant the horrible feeling you get on Sunday, when you’re already worrying about the workload on Monday. I have written about Smondays many many times before, albeit I had no word for it yet. As I’m a regular experiencer ofContinue reading “‘Smonday’”

A dark place

Since a couple of years, I have gotten quite interested in the effects of artificial light at night, especially on plant-mediated interactions. This interest was mostly sparked by many kitchen table conversations with my friend and former house mate Davide, who has studied effects of light at night on bird behaviour for many years. ItContinue reading “A dark place”