What’s your best writing advice?

When I was doing my PhD, we would go on a yearly writing retreat with all the PhDs of the department. It was a fun event where all of us would bring something particular to work on, and we simply worked on it all day. A small team took care of food, we went forContinue reading “What’s your best writing advice?”

The academic hoolahoop

After finishing undergraduate studies, the academic career track is typically characterized by a number of steps – hurdles, hoops, whatever – that need to be fulfilled, taken or jumped through in order to establish yourself in the system. Hopefully, if you do all these things right, and have the luck of being in the rightContinue reading “The academic hoolahoop”

Story. Story. Story?

When you’re writing a scientific paper, what’s on your mind? What are you thinking of? What are the aims? I find myself in a shift of attitude when it comes to writing. When I wrote my first paper(s), I had no clue what I was doing. I was summarizing everything I did, and not necessarilyContinue reading “Story. Story. Story?”

Enough with this weird week already

I was off my game today. I found out at work that I didn’t bring my laptop. That never happened to me before. I was just confused. Have been all week, maybe. Not sure how it happened, but the way this week unfolded was just weird. Maybe it was because I took Monday and TuesdayContinue reading “Enough with this weird week already”

Career perspectives in a pandemic…

A tweet came by today, and it made me think… Because the Twitter plugin on WordPress keeps failing on me, I’ll paraphrase here. The tweet suggested that the pandemic (hereafter: fucking pandemic) hits academics hard, and that productivity has severely decreased since fucking pandemic times. The tweet was also asking how to maintain a competitiveContinue reading “Career perspectives in a pandemic…”

She’s here!

In September and October me and my boss held interviews for a ‘plant-insect’ PhD position that was available in our group. This was already the second round of advertising and interviewing – I must add – as the first round of advertising earlier last year yielded no suitable candidates. On October 14th, after having hadContinue reading “She’s here!”

Time will tell

The start of my postdoc position at TUM was not really as I had expected it to be. Most postdoc positions that I was aware of at the time were project positions. In such positions the goals were usually quite clear and I thought that this was somewhat similar to what I was walking into.Continue reading “Time will tell”