A long and tough week

For the past couple of days, I’ve spent most of my waking hours taking care of a sick family. Luckily, my wife Heike was ‘only’ sick for about 36 hours, during which she could barely move. Our baby daughter Lara was a breeze through all this, she loved lying in bed with mommy all day.Continue reading “A long and tough week”

Career perspectives in a pandemic…

A tweet came by today, and it made me think… Because the Twitter plugin on WordPress keeps failing on me, I’ll paraphrase here. The tweet suggested that the pandemic (hereafter: fucking pandemic) hits academics hard, and that productivity has severely decreased since fucking pandemic times. The tweet was also asking how to maintain a competitiveContinue reading “Career perspectives in a pandemic…”

Disrupted schedules – the new norm?

Finally, it’s Friday – and even better, it’s over. I needed this weekend so bad! I thought I had seen the worst of the ‘after parental-leave storm’ last week. Specifically, a minor revision had to be dealt with and resubmitted (still stuck in ‘submitted to journal’ stage), as well as the usual parade of emailsContinue reading “Disrupted schedules – the new norm?”

Parents, how do you do it?

I don’t know how people managed to do any work during the pandemic lockdowns with two kids at home. We’ve been struggling during the pandemic with one, but we managed well. Now that we have a second (I guess we needed a challenge), we have literally been actively parenting every single second of each day,Continue reading “Parents, how do you do it?”