Germany you should – a series (part 2)

If I had to name one thing that is worse in Germany than anywhere else, then Pommes would unequivocally take the first prize. Congrats Pommes, you really are Scheiße. Potato fries… I’ve always had bad experiences with German potato fries, regardless of where I ate them in Germany. My wife is German, from the EiffelContinue reading “Germany you should – a series (part 2)”

Like father, like son

I’m one of these people that really REALLY cannot hide their opinion of things around them – good or bad. My facial expressions are pretty strong, and I think it is hard for me to hide those. Especially, joy and disgust are easy to read off my face, but when I’m confused about something, myContinue reading “Like father, like son”

Student teachers

Today was the closing session of the Terrestrial Ecology Group’s Biodiversity course. Our course was given entirely online, and we never met the students in person. A challenge. We uploaded weekly asynchronous lectures (most of them by my colleague), combined with synchronous paper seminars. During these seminar sessions we discussed one or more papers onContinue reading “Student teachers”


Sometimes it feels like all I do is extinguish fires. Today in particular, everything was in flames. The day started with a meeting regarding issues around our newly appointed PhD researcher. She’s currently stuck abroad for corona-related reasons, which makes her life, and by association also our lives, more difficult than necessary. We prioritized someContinue reading “Troubleshooting”

Germany you should – a series (part 1)

When we decided to move to Germany (well, Freistaat Bayern really), I expected very little difference with my home country, the Netherlands. We’re neighbours. How big of a difference can there really be? The answer is quite a bit. As part of my recently started daily blog endeavour, I thought it would be a goodContinue reading “Germany you should – a series (part 1)”