You have to find pleasure where there is none…

Alright, I’m just gonna say it. Grading student exams sucks donkey balls. It is probably one of my least favourite things to do out of all things academic. It is of course a necessary evil, and therefore it needs to be done, and needs to be done with care and attention. The switch to onlineContinue reading “You have to find pleasure where there is none…”

Being outdoors is not what it used to be…

You know that feeling when you have been outside in the cold all day, and you come inside and struggle to keep your eyes open? That’s how I feel right now! We were ‘hiking’ in the Altmühltal today. Well, we spent the first two hours covering one and a half kilometre, that is the timeContinue reading “Being outdoors is not what it used to be…”

I’m not even sure it is because of Covid-19

I used to be quite the selfcare advocate. I also practiced what I preached. There was not a holiday ever left unspent. Coffee breaks? Took them religiously. Lunch time? Solidly placed in my schedule daily at 12 o’clock sharp. Lunch walk with colleagues (for coffee) almost every day. Daily average of 10.000-15.000 steps. I meditatedContinue reading “I’m not even sure it is because of Covid-19”

What’s the difference?

I’m braindead today, so I asked my wife what to write about. It has been a long day filled with exams and online meetings. Everything is wonderful. Except my brain. That one’s just destroyed. So my wife’s response was to write something about the difference between the two of us in dealing with the complexitiesContinue reading “What’s the difference?”

… and I hate games!

It is all one big stupid game, isn’t it? Academia. There are these moments where you think you almost feel quite comfortable. But then you can’t. You always need to be on the lookout for ‘something’, always on the move, always running. Otherwise, you’re out. I thought I was in a good place when IContinue reading “… and I hate games!”

It’s out of our hands now…

You know what scares the shit out of me? New things… or stuff that I don’t feel like I’m particularly skilled at. They freak me out big time. Our university now enforces online exams for groups that exceed forty students and this was all communicated at short notice. This included all courses I teach. OurContinue reading “It’s out of our hands now…”

I don’t even like fruit yoghurt…

What is it with full moons that makes you have all these messed up lucid dreams? I don’t often ‘register’ my dreams, but the days around full moon make me dream like I’m trippin’ on acid. Or whatever. I don’t do drugs, but it always feels pretty darn trippy. Last night’s dream I spent hangingContinue reading “I don’t even like fruit yoghurt…”

You’re fired!

“If you want, you can still work today, so you did not show up for nothing” he said, while chewing on his toothpick, “but this day will be your last. You’re done.” Five years I had worked at the nursery. Every Saturday, every holiday, and many winter evening hours were spent there. I loved theContinue reading “You’re fired!”

Celebrate the victories!

I feel absolutely exhausted today – but in a good way! We harvested an experiment that my team has worked on over the past months. Our abiotic treatments included a soil moisture gradient and an heatwave. To maintain the moisture gradient our plants were watered on a balance every day. All 320 of them. WeContinue reading “Celebrate the victories!”

All the lovely stupid flowers – part 1

The weather has been exceptional this week! Fifteen degrees centigrade afternoons, after having weeks of sub-zero temperatures. Quite a change. I walked home today and just decided to be mindful, enjoy the splendid weather, keep my eyes open for once, and look around instead of be in zombie-mode. I can recommend that anyone try this.Continue reading “All the lovely stupid flowers – part 1”