Heavenly weather

What is your favorite type of weather? Today’s prompt I could go all cliche and type some blabla about the sun. I do like sun. Who doesn’t. But I also like insane weather. Like ten years ago, when we were in Laos, cycling on a couple of islands in the Mekong river delta. We hadContinue reading “Heavenly weather”


Who was your most influential teacher? Why? Today’s prompt I liked today’s prompt. In life we often have many teachers and mentors, and we tend to forget what they might have contributed to the path we have chosen. Sometimes these are real teachers, educated to educate. Quite often, they are parents, trying to teach youContinue reading “Teachers”

More laughs

What do you wish you could do more every day? Make people laugh. Including myself. There’s nothing wrong with joining in on a laugh. A laugh is the cure to almost everything. I took the wrong profession, because I can tell you this: working in ecology in 2023 is not very funny. It is deeplyContinue reading “More laughs”

What and where are not important. It’s the how and when!

I like tattoos. I have tattoos. I design tattoos. I tattooed my own tattoos. I want more tattoos. A prompt about tattoos needs an answer. What tattoo do you want and where would you put it? Today’s prompt I like the concept of tattoos. Carrying something special with you on your skin is something thatContinue reading “What and where are not important. It’s the how and when!”

A feel good day

I just mentioned to someone on Twitter that today was a feel good day. It was a rough day on the one hand (some heavy thinking on one of the projects I supervise at work wore me down), but also quite an amazing day. For one, the weather was amazing today, and with many colleaguesContinue reading “A feel good day”

“You are the best (insert whatever)…”

I’m a bit out of energy lately, particularly after having a long day at work, so I sometimes struggle to find original subjects to write on. At least these WordPress prompts give me that. Something to write about, without having to worry about a subject. I find that you can still be creative and practiceContinue reading ““You are the best (insert whatever)…””

I’m Dutch – what else would you expect?

As I like to travel around a bit in my free time, I felt that I couldn’t skip today’s prompt here on WordPress. A prompt about modes of transportation. I like it. You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike? Today”s prompt The easy answer to this one would be ‘itContinue reading “I’m Dutch – what else would you expect?”

It can only get better

Today’s WordPress writing prompt is an interesting question, that I thought would be fun to ponder on. Let’s see where it goes. How would you rate your confidence level? This is it… The prompt First of all, it’s hard to really judge one’s confidence levels. Should I give it a score? Maybe a percentage, whereContinue reading “It can only get better”

Who’s teaching?

Postdoctoral positions are weird. Okay. Maybe not all of them, but some of them are. My position is one of these that has no particular project attached to it. When I started, there was little guidance other than that I was expected to set up a research line and was expected to cosupervise a PhDContinue reading “Who’s teaching?”

A different realm

About once a month I visit my therapist, whom I’ve been with since I moved to Germany. I’ve learned a lot about myself in these years. You’d think that after a couple of years, you stop learning new things, particularly about yourself. You’ve seen it all. Nothing new to be found. But it continues toContinue reading “A different realm”