Completo – Full – Ausgebucht

Lago d’Endine – although cute – was getting kind of boring. There wasn’t much else to do than swimming in the lake, which we could enter from a small pier where some rental boats were docked. Our neighbors – two wonderfully sweet middle-aged men, one deaf, the other extremely talkative (a funny match) – recommendedContinue reading “Completo – Full – Ausgebucht”

The stuff they don’t show you on Instagram

It all looks very romantic when you see it on Instagram. I’ve seen the pictures. The videos. The couples that love each other to death Itheir romantic van and the lifestyle that comes with it. To be honest, I find it quite impressive that people can even make it look romantic. I don’t believe themContinue reading “The stuff they don’t show you on Instagram”

Get that milk right

It’s quite bizarre. Even though I live only a few hundred kilometers away from Italy, and Bavaria is seemingly filled with Italians and their restaurants, but it’s often a quest to find a proper cappuccino anywhere in Bavaria. If you’re lucky, you find a place where they have a proper espresso machine, but it’s apparentlyContinue reading “Get that milk right”

Thanks, Italy – for being you!

Aaah! What a great day. After a hectic and restless morning of juggling two kids and the organization of luggage in our van, we set off this morning for better conditions. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like being at home. I like where we live. It’s just that this summer pretendsContinue reading “Thanks, Italy – for being you!”