Nice and juicy

Vorderer Langbathsee

We’re in the Austrian Salzkammergut for the long weekend. It’s a place that I hadn’t visited before, and now became the meeting spot for the weekend to see family.

As everywhere in the region, this place had been plagued by rain, rain, rain over the past couple of weeks. Because of this, everything is lush and green, that’s for sure. But it’s also cold and damp. The weather forecast told us things would improve.

We’re staying on a small farm, that mostly has a bunch of scruffy horses. When we arrived on Wednesday late in the evening, it was still pouring down. It literally had rained here so much that the farmer could not drive his tractor on the land to bring his horse manure to the usual pile – far away. This meant we were greeted by a huge pile of manure upon arrival. Because of the cold and rain, at least the pile didn’t smell… However, it had rained so much that all the shit juice simply ran out from under the huge pile, straight to the place where we were supposed to park our van. Alright… A pleasant arrival. We figured we’d just stay for the night, and would look for something better the next day.

When we woke up yesterday, it was dry. And the channels of equine ass juice had sort of magically disappeared. The views were pretty neat. We quickly forgot that we were literally on top of a swamp of intestinal fluids, and just stayed. Fuck it… The rains had stopped completely, and we had a quiet day yesterday. By this morning, it even looked like it was going to be a partly sunny day.

We spent today hiking around a small lake (pictured), after we ate standard Germanic garbage food at a typical Seestüberl (Pommes and Putenschnitzel, Pommes and Currywurst, you know the drill). The hike was more than standard garbage. It was pretty beautiful. The lake was a fantastic deep turquoise color, and for most of the time it was flat as a mirror. Very beautiful. At times, there were sunny spells, which made it all the more pleasant.

I’m pretty glad we stayed on the horse farm.

Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be even better, so let’s see if we can get up to one of the higher peaks and enjoy the views.

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