This year is so slow…

It’s a crazy year. Well all years since I’ve moved to Germany in November 2019 have been pretty crazy, but for different reasons.

This year is just, I don’t know, slow?

It’s mid May, and I think we can count on one hand the number of fully sunny days we’ve had this spring. It has been raining and raining and raining. Oh, and sometimes it was just grey.

We have been pretty busy in our garden though, and we use every free hour that isn’t rainy to work in it. It’s a fabulous place. (We have slow worms and sand lizards, what more could I wish for). Despite the year being slow to pick up on the spring weather, the low temperatures and high precipitation have ensured that everything is very lush and green. And now, since a week or two, all the spring flower bulbs have been replaced by many perennials and summer bulbs. Flowers are kicking in again.

I’ve been mowing very selectively, completely circumventing most areas that had flowers, and keeping it fairly long in others. I’ve sown a flower patch in a raised bed and I think we’ll be seeing the first flowers in two weeks or so. I’ve planted a couple of fruit trees, like pears and yellow plums. I’m pretty happy with the way it looks now.

All I need is a lot of good weather to enjoy it even more, and to invite people over for barbecues.

Here’s some flowers that looked sweet today.

Sunny spell in the afternoon made the house and surroundings look extra nice

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