The Boss – Really?

What public figure do you disagree with the most?

Today’s prompt

The Jetpack App finally improved their software to include a simple way to see how other people answer prompts. Previously, I couldn’t find an easy way to do it, and I was honestly pretty curious about it. I gotta be honest: I’m mildly disappointed. Most people seem to not have much to write about. Short answers seem to dominate, mostly. That’s all fine, I suppose. Most posts were aimed at politicians. Popular choices were Trump, an obvious despicable piece of work. Or Putin, another horrible slime dragged from the ugliest dungeons. Rishi Sunak also seemed to be a favorite (Dude, you only just started and people already nominated you for this disagreeable status? Be better). I even saw one lady nominate Biden for reasons that reminded me of Trump. Trump, Biden, from this side of the planet, they both look like a bunch of bloody memes. I can’t tell if budentis any good. He seems to be a puppet only, but he looks like a friendly semi-cool grandpa. Trump just looks like a nuclear sewer rat. I digress. Yes. Most politicians are pretty despicable, from a certain perspective. I can understand that line of thought.

What I didn’t get was the one post that mentioned Bruce Springsteen. I’m not a fan per se – saw him perform live a couple of years ago and it wasn’t great, but also not that bad. Okay, maybe he’s not The Boss, but maybe just A Boss… One thing’s for sure, his performance didn’t grant him that most disagreeable status in my eyes…

I was left with questions after reading that short, two word post.

Did I miss something?

What happened?

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5 thoughts on “The Boss – Really?

    1. Wait… That must be it, indeed πŸ˜†. I had not thought of that, despite even using ‘The Boss’. I mean, who doesn’t disagree with the boss? But obviously you cannot write that so openly. It all makes sense now!

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