Oh no…

I think the downward spiral starts today…

What are your favorite emojis?

Today’s prompt…

After days of wonderful prompts, that made me think about life, life’s choices, emotions, and what moves me as a person, we’ve made it here. Enough of that deep bullshit. WordPress can’t take it any longer.

What are your favorite emoji’s. For duck’s sake. What kind of question is that?

Emojis are basically insurance policies for people that don’t want to talk to people.

You have something to say to people, but it might be misinterpreted by the receiver. Throw in a laughing emoji, to show you mean well. There’s probably more nuanced use of emojis, but I’m the generation that is too old and too young for that. My mother uses emoji’s in ways I can’t comprehend. So do many people younger than me. It’s apparently a big culture, so maybe it does make some sense for WP to ask about them.

For me it’s this one:


This is basically my alternative for thumbs up on Slack. I see no reason why a mallard emoji should even exist, and I’m probably using it for all the wrong reasons. Maybe I’m culturally offensive. So be it.

So now you know. Favorite emoji. It’s a duck.

(I swear the typo further above was an autocorrect made by my phone, but I found it fitting, so I left it in)

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