What topics do you like to discuss?

Today’s prompt

For me, discussions can be deeply satisfying. However, I typically don’t like most of them, for a bunch of reasons.

First of all, I’m a huge nerd about certain things. If you’re not equally devoted to the subject as I am, I have no interest in discussing much with you. I’m sorry (but not really). Reptiles are an example of this (but I have plenty examples). It’s typical that people ask me what snakes I keep the moment they learn about them, and then ask me whether cornsnakes are venomous, or whether they have names or whatever. I don’t even want to have the conversation, let alone make it a lively discussion. A discussion should be interesting for all parties involved. So, no, I don’t want to talk reptiles to people, however much I love them. If you need to ask me why I have reptiles, we should probably have a discussion or conversation about something else.

Second, I’m not typically the person to strike up a conversation with many people. I’m quite the introvert, and typically avoid groups and most conversations if I can. If I can’t – say for work purposes or so – I don’t know when to shut up. I’m not good at reading the room in that sense, although I feel I have improved. I suppose if people want me there, they want me for my opinion. So even if it’s not my favorite thing, I do take part in discussions actively. Given that they are typically at a high intellectual level, and between equal partners, it’s sometimes quite enjoyable. However, they also drain my energy levels. Long days filled with meetings are a guarantee for sleepless nights.

Things I do like to discuss that typically bring up interesting conversations with most people, are food, writing, reading, arts and I particularly enjoy talking about mental and physical health. I also appreciate and care about discussions about equality and diversity, although I sometimes feel that my many layers of privilege make it difficult to join. It’s easy to mess things up even with the best of intentions. But I suppose anything that invokes some kind of deeper emotional response in people including myself – I find that interesting to discuss in-depth.

Oh, and comedy. I can always joke around. I probably prefer a laugh over a discussion. Laughing is great! If others laugh as well it’s even better.

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