Oh no…

I think the downward spiral starts today… What are your favorite emojis? Today’s prompt… After days of wonderful prompts, that made me think about life, life’s choices, emotions, and what moves me as a person, we’ve made it here. Enough of that deep bullshit. WordPress can’t take it any longer. What are your favorite emoji’s.Continue reading “Oh no…”


What topics do you like to discuss? Today’s prompt For me, discussions can be deeply satisfying. However, I typically don’t like most of them, for a bunch of reasons. First of all, I’m a huge nerd about certain things. If you’re not equally devoted to the subject as I am, I have no interest inContinue reading “Blablabla”

Life’s risky, it’s part of the deal

Describe a risk you took that you do not regret. Today’s prompt Life’s one huge risk. Everything you do has risks attached to it. I try not to dwell on the past too much. Choices in the past were made for good reasons. Associated risks were part of the deal. Therefore, I typically don’t regretContinue reading “Life’s risky, it’s part of the deal”

Taking action (or not…)

I’m quite enjoying answering to these WP prompts lately. It saves me the time of coming up with a subject. I mostly write to write. To practice the skill, and to train the muscle. I feel that it’s equally creative to come up with a story based on prompts as to a self-provided subject. AndContinue reading “Taking action (or not…)”

A long list…

What makes you nervous? Today’s prompt I’ve thought about this question all day today. I’m a nervous guy. My baseline feeling is nervous, but things can certainly get a lot worse under certain conditions, ranging from mild discomfort, sleep deprivation to a dozen panic attacks per day. I’ve come to realize that anxiety is aContinue reading “A long list…”


Is everyone feeling that these daily prompts are so fitting lately? Maybe they’re designed like horoscopes. Made to make everyone feel recognized somewhat. My mother – at a much younger age – used to read her horoscope in a magazine, or they might have been multiple magazines. She always felt like she was looking inContinue reading “Unwinding”

Too much!

How do you use social media? The only right answer here is ‘too much’. But since one sentence makes for a lousy post, I’ll elaborate on how I use social media. Facebook – I can’t remember the last time I looked on Facebook. I still have an account, because I used it to log inContinue reading “Too much!”

A dream come true

Jot down the first thing that comes to your mind. I discovered today that my new garden houses a thriving population of sand lizards (Lacerta agilis). This means nothing to no one. But for me, this has always been a childhood dream. A garden with a sunny terrace, where lizards would be crawling all over.Continue reading “A dream come true”

Good randomness

I love today’s prompt, because it’s so often the case that random encounters make for great experiences. I don’t have just one example, but a bunch of them. All of them random. Describe a random encounter with a stranger that stuck out positively to you. Today’s prompt The neighbor – I have had my fairContinue reading “Good randomness”