A different realm

About once a month I visit my therapist, whom I’ve been with since I moved to Germany. I’ve learned a lot about myself in these years. You’d think that after a couple of years, you stop learning new things, particularly about yourself. You’ve seen it all. Nothing new to be found. But it continues toContinue reading “A different realm”

Odd prompts, with obvious choices.

Which animal would you compare yourself to and why? Well, if this isn’t an obvious answer, I don’t know what is. I would totally compare to a long-bodied cellar spider, or Pholcus phalangioides. These spiders are also more commonly known as daddy long legs, but as this is a synonym for many fairly unrelated arthropods,Continue reading “Odd prompts, with obvious choices.”

Hair dryer

Today was one of those odd days you get here in southern Bavaria, where the wind comes from the South – föhn they call it here, which in my book translates to hair dryer, which makes total sense. If that happens and the skies are clear, the sun gets quite warm, and it can suddenlyContinue reading “Hair dryer”

It’s time!

This afternoon I ate the best meal I had in a long, long time. Since we’ve had kids, Heike and I have slowly weaned ourselves off our culinary obsessions. We have always loved food. It is part of what binds us together. The love for preparing new meals, and exploring new tastes. Different cuisines. WeContinue reading “It’s time!”

Simple guy

What are three objects you couldn’t live without? This is a pretty difficult question to answer without objectifying women or children. I obviously wouldn’t last a day without them, and it sums up to three. But that would be the easy answer, wouldn’t it? I think pretty much anything could be lived without, if thereContinue reading “Simple guy”

Personal growth; life’s weird and wildly successful fertilizers

Today’s WordPress prompt actually is an interesting question to ponder on. We tend to live our daily lives very future-oriented, focusing only on what should be, and not very much on what is. On the other hand, we also often tend to dwell on things from the past, and although this often is related toContinue reading “Personal growth; life’s weird and wildly successful fertilizers”


Based off some earlier posts I came up with the silly idea to use a random word generator online to provide me with a word. You’re going to have to trust me that I’ll use the first suggestion. I’m reliable, because the guilt would haunt me in my sleep. The suggested word will inspire aContinue reading “Federation”