More laughs

What do you wish you could do more every day?

Make people laugh. Including myself. There’s nothing wrong with joining in on a laugh. A laugh is the cure to almost everything. I took the wrong profession, because I can tell you this: working in ecology in 2023 is not very funny. It is deeply saddening at many times. The natural world interests me immensely, but the way we mess with it makes me want to cry. It can be depressing as hell. And I’m afraid it cannot be unseen or ignored. Not by me. Sometimes the only distraction that works is something that makes me laugh. Not just a chuckle. Laugh until you cry. That type of laugh.

Maybe I should have become a comedian…

The point is, I’m not all that funny. But I do love making people laugh. I will make a fool out of myself if it brings a smile to people’s faces. I’m not above that. I do a lot of dumb shit and say lots of dumb shit. I’m an easy target for me. I would love to one day be funny, or funnier. I think it’s a great skill. It’s often also a form of storytelling, and that’s kind of what I love anyway. I should aim for funny, funnier stories. If I can make at least someone laugh everyday I would be in a good place.

I made my wife and kids laugh today. A huge score from the greatest audience.

On a related note: I rediscovered ‘Curb your enthusiasm’ this week. God, Larry David makes me laugh. It’s so silly, it’s delicious.

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