“You are the best (insert whatever)…”

I’m a bit out of energy lately, particularly after having a long day at work, so I sometimes struggle to find original subjects to write on. At least these WordPress prompts give me that. Something to write about, without having to worry about a subject. I find that you can still be creative and practice writing using prompts. I’m slowly getting over the idea I used to have that it was like cheating.

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

Today’s prompt


They’re a wonderful thing. Sincere compliments are fantastic to give and fantastic to receive.

It works both ways.

I like giving compliments to people, and I do so regularly. However, I try to do so only when I truly mean it. It’s easy to fall for the fake and empty compliment trap. It’s much harder, and takes some effort to get right, to compliment people on the specific aspects that you appreciated about them. But it’s worth the effort. I find that it makes people feel good. And feeling good, feeling appreciated… It is motivating. Complimenting people on their efforts, large or small will make them feel appreciated, and in turn appreciate you more for letting them know. It creates a healthy relationship. Many people forget that. I repeat: many people forget that! (Note to self: Don’t ever take things for granted, it’s easy to overlook the people closest to you).

Receiving compliments is nice, too. But difficult. It can feel a bit awkward if people overdo it. One of my PhD supervisors often gave me compliments, and I appreciated him deeply for that. Some of them, fired off at the right moments, dragged me through dark or difficult times, where I felt like quitting. He also managed to overdo it sometimes, almost literally shouting from the rooftop how I was one of his best ecology students ever (this was before starting my PhD). I wasn’t even an ecology student. And even if I was maybe above-average, I was far from the best. Nevertheless, I didn’t mind hearing it. It’s a lot better than what I’ve heard from some other employers over the past twenty years.

But the best compliment?

It must be something coming from my son. He’s been on a compliment streak lately, and I love it.

You are the best finder of camping spots. You are the best flower gardener. You are the best in DIY for kids. You are the best book reader.

He has a series. They’re all true, of course. Although some I find hard to believe:

“You make the best food in the world,” he often claims just before refusing to finish his plate.

He has a lot to learn about giving compliments. But for now I’ll take them 😜.

We are the best artists!

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