Not this week

WordPress throws these prompts in my face every day, and some days they feel so silly, and some days they feel like they have been reading my mind. Today I had a bit of a rough day at work. A day filled with miscommunication and more screen time than is good for me. Today, WordPress must have been inside my mind.

Do you enjoy your job?

Today’s writing prompt

When I was six, I was already obsessed with nature. Some people told me I would be a biologist one day, so that’s what I went on to do. All my life, the idea of being a biologist was linked to being immersed – at least with the mind – in nature.

I took the necessary steps to attend university. Biology, of course. Animal biology, to be specific, with a master’s degree in bio-interactions. My interests always expanded towards insects – first because I love them, second because the even stronger obsession for reptiles certainly wouldn’t pay the bills. Insects usually don’t either, but the odds are slightly greater. I just got lucky with what came onto my path, and I embraced plants to increase the chances. I finished my doctorate, expanding even further, in soil-plant-insect stuff. Let’s keep it at that. The details are boring for this space.

Throughout my career path I have been fascinated with the interactions I studied. To be honest, I don’t care if it’s soil, plants or insects. All of them are nice. I have a big heart, with space and appreciation for all things living. And in my job I get to ask questions and test hypotheses on how these lovely things interact. Do I love that part of my job? Yes, from the bottom of my heart.

Do I love all other aspects of my job? God, I’m glad this week is over. This week, certainly not.

Published by Robin Heinen

Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

4 thoughts on “Not this week

  1. The aspects you don’t enjoy perhaps involve humans more than insects? I’ve become allergic to the office environment, its competitiveness and constantly having to prove yourself. Being an entrepreneur sometimes seems tempting, because then you could just concentrate on the work itself…

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    1. You know what? That’s pretty spot-on! I often feel that way. I hate that in my line of work, to secure a job you need to be competitive – constantly pushing myself, to please others. Entrepreneurship always tempted me for this reason. One day, maybe…

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  2. I believe that even the best jobs will have their downsides. And that’s good, because knowing what irks us helps us take one step closer to finding our ultimate careers. I’d say you’re far ahead of the curve if you’re already interested in your job. But I hope things turn out better for you though. Looks like you had a long week.

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    1. Some weeks have little to do with what I was in this game for initially. I have learned to embrace and enjoy certain aspects: I love passing on skills and experience to people that are less experienced. I also love tapping into other people’s experiences. I learned the hard way that some of my Dutch directness can cause unintended offense. And that sucks. I hope it’ll blow over.


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