Luxury problems

Lately, I’ve had my schedule so jam-packed that it hurts. Like, quite literally, my head hurts by the end of the day, and I simply cannot think straight anymore. Excuse me if this posts is not very coherent. It’s a symptom. My eyes hurt from staring at a screen all day long, my head hurtsContinue reading “Luxury problems”

I needed that

Something interesting happened after I posted yesterday’s post. I wrote that I struggled a lot lately to find the courage to keep posting as I did for a long time. I had no real goal in mind with yesterday’s post. It was just something I had to get off my chest, as it bugged meContinue reading “I needed that”

She did all the eating…

My son, three and a half years old, is a funny little chap. Lately, he’s begun to ask questions about, well, more or less everything. From a simple ‘why’ with everything we say, to more complex questions that can sometimes be complex to answer. Just now, he asked me: ‘dad, how did I even eatContinue reading “She did all the eating…”