Overly honest

My daughter is nineteen months old and she’s overly honest – I wonder who she got that from. I always liked to sing, already from a very young age. I’ve never been particularly good at it, and I never practiced it much – like guided professionally or so – aside from alone in the bedroomContinue reading “Overly honest”

Sleep! Now!

This is a very difficult moment for me… Let me explain. This evening, I felt like ordering Indian food. I love Indian food of any kind. I checked the local restaurants, andwmy stomach started enjoying the experience. I got hungry as hell. Delivery times were estimated to be after kids’ bedtime. It didn’t take longContinue reading “Sleep! Now!”

That makes two of us

This afternoon we concluded our Biodiversity course – as usual – with a multiple choice examination. We had a nice group of students, with a core group of very motivated people, so I’m sure they had a breeze with the exam. I’m not sure why, but despite being a master’s degree course, our course informationContinue reading “That makes two of us”

Five is all it takes (pt. 1?)

The past two days have triggered a small spiral of negativity. I’ve had several conversations with various people within my university and beyond that seriously made me question why I chose the kind of job I have. I struggle at times to answer this question, and I have no better answer than ‘Well, I loveContinue reading “Five is all it takes (pt. 1?)”

What’s your best writing advice?

When I was doing my PhD, we would go on a yearly writing retreat with all the PhDs of the department. It was a fun event where all of us would bring something particular to work on, and we simply worked on it all day. A small team took care of food, we went forContinue reading “What’s your best writing advice?”

Too old.

One of the things people ask me is how I come up with stuff to write a post every day. some days it’s pretty boring. You don’t always go through exciting life events. Even then, writing a story about something bizarrely simple can still be entertaining to read. Some days it’s also fun to simplyContinue reading “Too old.”

The masked warrior

People have been looking at me differently for quite a while. At first I thought it was maybe something that I imagined, something I thought was happening, but wasn’t really happening. A picture that only existed in my head. I can’t say that people stare. It’s not that. There is just a feeling of pityContinue reading “The masked warrior”

The evolution of writing habits

Since a couple of weeks, I have switched my method of writing posts a bit. A couple of months ago, I usually wrote my posts while bringing the kids to bed. Or more specifically, while lying next to them and waiting for them to fall asleep, which could take up to an hour on mostContinue reading “The evolution of writing habits”