Based off some earlier posts I came up with the silly idea to use a random word generator online to provide me with a word. You’re going to have to trust me that I’ll use the first suggestion. I’m reliable, because the guilt would haunt me in my sleep. The suggested word will inspire a blog post. Let’s see where this goes, and for how long this can be interesting!

“Haaa haa”, you must be thinking. “It’s funny because he’s Dutch!”

Yeah, yeah, very funny. I know the Dutch have this stereotype of the country being completely inundated in marihuana fumes. Like we are all stoned out of our goddamn minds. On so many travels, people have asked me for ‘something’ to buy. Maybe I look like a drug dealer. But I think the mere knowledge that I was from the Netherlands was what did it.

I think this illustrates the ‘problem’ quite well.

For most average dutchies – at least those I grew up amongst – weed isn’t a huge thing. It’s one of these things that exists, and most of us tried once or twice when they were young, but somehow it never caught on.

It’s the foreigners that go completely ape shit for it. When I started studying, it was, almost without exception, the foreign students that brought drugs to parties. Germans were particularly fond of it, but Italians and Spanish were ranking pretty high among the top consumers list.

I never understood why people like weed.

Some seem to get very happy.

I for one get very sad, or notice little effect – which is maybe why I get sad. I tried weed three, maybe four times. I don’t see what people are raving about. My mental state deteriorates, and it makes me want to smash car windshields, and kick off side mirrors. (I resisted the urge, believe me.)

I never tried for more. Always hesitant. One thing that worries me in life, is losing control, and particularly control of my mind. I like to be in full control. Anything that affects my mind in too drastic ways, I find scary. Which is maybe also why these days I rarely drink – although drinking rarely affected my feeling of being in control. I was a steady-minded drunk.

So yeah, no weed to share, nothing to sell. Very atypical. Maybe I’m very boring. Maybe I’m very unDutch. So be it.

I’m very sorry if you came here for excitement. No excitement here today. I suppose I could have written more exciting stories about the word blow, but this is what first came to mind, and the idea with this challenge is to go raw and unfiltered.

Tune back in tomorrow. Perhaps there will be explosions, or something astonishing, or some form of oral pleasure, but likely not, because what are the odds of drawing the same word twice? Come back anyway. It might be fun.

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Father of two | Husband | Entomologist and Ecologist | Postdoctoral Researcher @ TUM | Traveler | Coffee Addict

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