They’re still here!

It’s been quiet on the plant front lately. When I moved into my new place in December, obviously I moved my plants with me. This was quite a tricky thing with temperatures far below zero at the time. My aroids don’t like frost much. Or any temperature lower than 15 centigrade.

For two months, the plants were more or less in hibernation mode. Obviously, the move coincided with the shortest days of the year. Nothing noteworthy ever happens to my plants in these days.

But now I can feel the days getting longer. And I know my plants can sense it too.

Almost every plant has new leaves poking out, waiting to unfold. The new plant room is crazy bright compared to the old place. They will definitely love life here.

Let spring begin!

I need to extend some of the moss poles!
I cut this bastard down, because of the white leaves it kept producing. I’m not sure what to think of this now… I hope there’s some green…
First leaf after a huge trim. Pretty cool look on this Monstera adansonii
Snowdrops under our magnolia tree. Spring IS coming!

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